economic manufacturing

Depending on the requirements of your field of use, form, material and surface coating of the rivet sleeves have different designs.

We offer different metal alloys (e.g. aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass or copper) adapted to the mechanical stress and environmental influences.
Additional properties can be implemented by surface refinement.

Tanks to electrogalvanising, it is possible to minimise the risk of surface corrosion caused by steel rivets.
A further zinc-nickel coating significantly increases the quality of the corrosion protection.

Other characteristics as for example:
  • electric insulation capability
  • soldering repellence
  • prevention of contact corrosion
  • individual colouring
can be achieved by galvanising or lacquering.

An additional grooving or knurling of the rivet shaft provides decisive advantages for a durable rivet joint in soft plastics (e.g. for the placement of PCB's in the electronic industry) or in blind bore holes.

Our after-sales service gives you advice on the optimal economic and functional use of materials and surface for your components (phone.: +49 (0)5105 · 5219-0).