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  Certificat ISO 9001:2015

Definition of the quality policy (guidelines)

from our QM manual

In addition to the customer orientation and the commitment of the management to the continuous improvement (CIP) great value is placed on the personal goals of the persons acting in the company. These include in particular:

Live healthy
  • Avoiding stress and anger
  • work diligently (mistakes cause trouble)
  • continuous improvement of the working environment

Enjoy working
  • Self-realization in the workplace
  • ALL employees should work responsibly in a team and actively, creatively and independently deal with customer wishes and problems

  • long-term security of work and income
  • further expansion of the market position

  • The greatest possible satisfaction of employees should help to minimize problems and mistakes
  • Only satisfied customers buy repeatedly

This quality policy is continuously promoted by the management and employees are actively motivated to implement the same concept of quality, customer needs, customer satisfaction and business goals.