Riveting station type RMS 300

Different components are joined to several fixation points in one operation cycle with our riveting station type RMS 300 (up to nine rivets can be set simultaneously).

The system offers several advantages:
  • The assembly time is significantly reduced compared to hand riveting.
  • The user only handles the components.
  • No twisting is caused in the component during riveting as all rivets are set simultaneously.
  • Additional positioning units are not necessary as the available speed rivets are used as locating points for the component at the same time.

Multiple riveting stations offer flexibility in production. Their modular design permits a use for different applications.

Features and advantages:
  • Improved Quality by multiple riveting
  • Hands free for component handling
  • Production increase = cost reduction
  • Extremely high process reliability
  • Good integration into the production line
  • High reusability
  • Easy, modular design
  • Compact structure