Workflow: Rivet processing with magazine riveting system We offer a wide range of pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic equipment appropriate for small and large production series. Besides our standard program, we manufacture special designs tailored to customer’s request so that our devices can be adapted optimally into the production process.

Our employees have many years of experience in the development of setting tools so that we are able to guarantee a very high degree of liability and a long life even in case of technically demanding requirements.

A special benefit for MTG’s customers is the possibility to use long rivet mandrels of 1,110 mm* with our technology, if requested. Three times more rivets can be used without any need of magazine change.

Compared to the standard length of 485 mm, the set-up times are reduced by up to 70%.

Thanks to the design, our rivet setting tools nearly need no maintenance, are lightweight and robust and can be delivered in three different versions:

  • for short rivet mandrels (485 or 510 mm)
  • for long rivet mandrels (785 mm)
  • for extra-long rivet mandrels (1,110 mm)*

Riveting system with suspended and undertable -riveting tool All processing units are available either as hand-held equipment or as stationary devices (in under-table and over-table design).

*Only available for under-table or over-table units.